Thursday, February 24, 2011

Absolutely Loving- Long Way Down

Hi friends,
not sure how many of you have seen Ewan McGregor's Long Way Round or Long Way Down, but if you haven't you should! Put it in your queue, drive to your local blockbuster and you will have done yourself a favor!
You're gonna be exposed to so many things you haven't seen and probably won't, cuz let's face it, who can afford hitting every country in-between England and the US? And if you could would you want to? Not me! But what a gift to experience what life is like for these other people even if just through my screen!
The idea is a road trip of epic proportions... A motorcycle journey around the world!
And yes, even girls will enjoy it :)

I'm half way thru their second journey, The Long Way Down... where they start at the top of Scotland to the bottom of Africa... I have cried more than 2 times! The stories will just break your heart of what so many children are living thru and how they do it with such positivity!

So if I haven't convinced you yet... get it! You'll love it!
I'm not at all a celebrity stalker or even fan of most celebrities, but I've grown
to really like Ewan McGregor, he's pretty funny and charming in it and I appreciate so much that he's trying to bring awareness of what the poor and sick in this world are going thru to the western world...

So check it out...

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